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Choosing the right brokerage: While choosing brokerage for intraday you should always keep in mind that the brokerages for intraday is lesser then for others.

Choosing Market: Each Day the Market has their own different things to be kept in mind while trading. While going with intraday trading you should watch the maintenances of margin requirement and the opening as well to suit you well.

Think and trade: Always try to get into the market on a right time, for a right stock and then come up with a decision to invest in it.

Invest on right time: Wait for right time to enter in the market, watch for the right stock and then only decide to pick it up.

Which stocks to buy: In Trading you just cannot buy any stock. In intraday two things to be considered at the most higher level are the stocks liquidity and its volatility. Liquidity is the volume of the stock looking at which u can enter or exit at an average or good price. Volatile is the price range for an intraday trader operation for the day. Therefore measures profile or loss.

Check Volumes: Before selecting a stock either long term or short term you should always check the total buying and selling quantity also the buyer and the sellers. An increasing buying volume shows that the share price may go up and vice versa.

Stop Loss: A Stock price can never be guessed or it might not behave the way you want to and it also not on the technical illustration plans. This situation arises when a sudden bad news comes about the stock or else any other factors that are affecting the market unfavorably. This is y a stop loss is very use to get side step from massive lost.

Over Trading: Never invest all our capital into a single stock neither in a single day trading also. Single stock cannot give u a huge profit. You can invest into different other stocks and gain small small profits in each of the stocks.