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Book Building and Fixed Price Issue are the two types of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through which a public company can raise money in the capital market.

In a book building public issue the bids are received at different price levels and the demand for the issue is built up over a period of time. Depending upon the bids received at different price levels the issue price is ascertained. In a fixed price issue the issue price is pre ascertained by the issuer.


Pro wealth, along with MOSL, facilitates the IPO application for all of its clients through online platform. Using the Online IPO service, an existing can apply for the IPO through our online trading platform.

How to apply in IPOs?

  • One needs to have a demat account
  • Make available the copy of PAN card
  • Other basic essentials such as address proof, bank details and the contact details.

How do I become an online customer in IPO’s?

In order to start placing an order in IPO’s online, you will have to become a registered client of MOSL. All you have to do is open an online account with us. Once your account is activated, you can place your orders completely online.

In case you are already an existing customer of Pro Wealth but not registered for the online IPO product, please follow below mentioned steps.

Simple Steps to Signing up for Online IPO

Please collect POA & Supplemental form nearest MOSL branch or same can be downloaded from following URL:

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Kindly sign on all the pages of the POA and the Supplemental agreement.